Why KwikAdd ?

Driving around the roads of Indian cities, you must have seen OOH media spots available for sale – most of them listing a number to call. If you ever had the unfortunate task of buying OOH Media space for your company, you’d know how painful the process usually gets! Ever wondered why the industry is still stuck in the 90s ?

Some of our friends, who are very experienced in digital media buying, tried to buy OOH media in India were shocked by the slow and frustrating experience. It took more than two weeks, whereas their digital buys were taking minutes!

We then started to dig deeper and spent a lot of time with industry leaders to understand why. We met so many frustrated people who had accepted the status quo but wished it to be different. We identified a number of different ways to monetize solutions, validated them and knew then that this was a big problem worth solving and building a technology business around.

KwikAdd.com is online platform that connects media buyers, media agencies & media sellers to create a truly global marketplace for outdoor advertising. Our platform and solutions make OOH media processes much simpler and easier. In the distance of a click anyone can access to all the info about advertising spaces (billboards, bus shelters, indoor signage, walls capes and others) and if they want, buy them.